Private Corporate

Private Corporate Aviation

1955 – 1965 and 1975 – 1985
It became apparent quickly that in the area of Corporate Aviation a flight crew was at the beck and call of the aircraft owner. Upon reviewing Brick’s memoirs from the 1955 to 1962 the totals for hours flying exceeded that of what is allowed today.

Also, the aviation branch’s operation of a corporation was subject to the state of the economy of the day.

Brick makes reference to their aviation group closed down as the “Accountants” said the operation was not feasible in present economy.
Three aircraft and 6 pilots out of work.
But the pilots in Corporate Aviation were a close knit group which meant that members of the group knew who was closing and where openings were occurring.

Out of work but not for very long provided you could move to a new location. This often meant a family move at inconvenient times.