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Brick Bradford in the cockpit of a Spritfire

Brick Bradford in the Cockpit of his Spitfire PR XI with his Commanding Officer.

Like the ever popular Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield about 3 girls who realize their dreams to be a dancer, an actress and a pilot. Brick Bradford, flying Ace is about a child with a dream, mentors to help him and the energy, ingenuity and persistence to make his dream come true.

Brick finished his career in 1997 flying a Cessna Caravan for FedEx. His route was from Vancouver to Victoria on Vancouver Island. At the age of 77, the CEO of FedEx realized the responsibility the company had with a WWII pilot ferrying their cargo so it was time for Brick to retire.

Retiring with 29,000+ hours in the air.

Brick Bradford, Flying Ace is just part of his story.

See inside the book:

Brick Bradford discovers that his WWII spitfire is still about.
The original was flown for reconnaissance purposes in India, RAF Squadron 681.
Now can be seen at the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Dayton, Ohio